How To Make Money With Your Facebook Page

As an influencer, you have the unique opportunity to impact the behavior of others. You are a trusted advisor, and your followers are going to take your advice on products to buy, information to consume, and actions to take.

You provide immense value for your followers as well as other brands, products, and ideas you choose to promote. But how can you monetize this influence beyond selling your own brand?
Read on for some helpful tips on using Facebook to boost your revenue as an influencer.


Why Facebook?

Group of Facebook Friends

We all know Facebook is popular, but just how popular is it?
According to a report from Hootsuite, Facebook has:

  • 1.13 billion DAILY active users
  • 1.03 million DAILY mobile active users
  • Users that have 155 friends, on average
  • Users who are, on average, all connected by only 3.57 degrees of separation

This means that Facebook is a simple way to reach A LOT of people VERY quickly. It is the most popular social media platform by a significant margin.

This means that, when used appropriately, Facebook provides more opportunity to monetize your influence than any other social media platform.

Marketing Your Brand on Facebook

Facebook is a lucrative platform for marketing your brand and products, growing your followers, and increasing your influence. When leveraged correctly, Facebook can pay significant dividends for your business.
Some best practices for making money using Facebook include:

  • Create a profile that appeals to your target customer
  • Post relevant an engaging content that matters to your readers
  • Post regularly and consistently
  • Utilize Facebook Messenger to build deeper relationships with your followers
  • Create fan pages for specific areas of your business your readers are interested in

If you want further information on any of these tips, there are several great resources on the internet on how to optimize Facebook usage as part of your marketing strategy.

Facebook is a simple way to reach A LOT of people VERY quickly.

How Can I Further Monetize My Influence?

Thumbs Up for monetizing FacebookYou know the basics, but let’s talk about how you can take your Facebook presence to the next level and really see some return on your investment.

As an influencer, you are in the unique position to advise and inform the decisions of others. Your social influence matters in the business arena, and smart companies know this. Many companies seek out influencers like you to promote their products – a strategy called influencer marketing.

Similarly, many influencers recognize the value they provide and seek out companies to partner with.

At its core, this is a simple process. You develop a relationship with a brand and post a link to their product on your Facebook page. You get a commission every time one of your followers uses that link to purchase something. This benefits brands in that it uses the connectedness of Facebook to spread information about their product virtually cost-free. This benefits you because, once your systems are in place, you can basically use your influence to bring in revenue 24 hours a day!

However, making real money with this type of strategy is not as easy as it sounds. It’s not about advertising – it’s about relationships. And on Facebook, a couple wrong moves can quickly do damage to your brand and your influence.

The Challenges of Influencer Marketing

A major challenge when starting to utilize influencer marketing is getting the right information. The internet is so full of scams, how can you be sure you are marketing a product that is legitimate? You may be approached by eager but unknown companies who want you to market their products. They may tempt you with large commissions and great returns. Proceed with caution! Picking just one wrong product can do irrevocable damage to your reputation.

Another challenge is finding what products you want to market. With so many retailers out there, it can be incredibly time consuming to find the perfect products for your niche. Once you find these products, you will have to do the work to develop relationships with these companies and get registered with their affiliate marketing program. This process takes time, and if – like many influencers – you’re a “solopreneur”, then this may be time you don’t have.

Once you have found your product and registered as an affiliate, your next challenge is marketing it appropriately and effectively.

You first must ensure you are in compliance with Facebook’s branded content policies. This can be difficult to understand if you are new to influencer marketing on Facebook. is the first invite-only monetization platform dedicated to social media influencers.

There are also several technical nuances to the way you can share links to your affiliate products on Facebook. For example, using a URL shortener allows you to track engagement with your posts. However, several of the most popular URL shorteners do not allow you to post affiliate links.

Lastly, you need to be able to analyze how your influencer marketing campaign is performing.

These issues can present quite the challenge for the novice!

So How Can I Make Influencer Marketing on Facebook Simple and Effective?

The internet is full of information, tools, and services that claim to help you make influencer marketing on Facebook a successful part of your revenue strategy. However, with the prevalence of Facebook and the open access to many of these tools, using the wrong one can quickly devalue your brand.

This is where we can help! is the first invite-only monetization platform dedicated to social media influencers. It enables you to quickly and easily capitalize on Facebook influencer marketing while avoiding the time-consuming hassles and pitfalls discussed above.

Woman drinking coffee on FacebookOur innovative platform:

  • Is easy to use
  • Has a simple, fast, and intuitive user interface
  • Allows you to promote thousands of merchants and millions of products with one sign-up
  • Contains a URL shortener with click tracking and analytics
  • Provides easy to understand reporting to help you increase effectiveness

We also have a huge database of education and training resources targeted to influencers who want to make money using Facebook.

If you want to get started in influencer marketing or take your influencer marketing strategy to the next level, is an invaluable resource. We are selective in who we invite to use our tool to ensure that our services will significantly enhance the value of your brand and the brands you promote.

We are the premier way to monetize your Facebook presence. Our educational content and innovative solutions will enable you to make money on a daily basis, as well as better track and understand the performance of sponsored posts you may already be using.



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