Earning from what you promote just got easier!

We have overcome our growing pains. 

As I am sure you have noticed, over the past few months we have been going through some growing pains. With influencers like YOU playing a larger role in the online ecosystem, the demand for our services has grown faster than our platform could technologically handle… 

With that being said, we have made some very exciting updates to our site. 

Main Updates that Affect YOU

We have made some changes to how influencers find products to share with their followers.

Promoting products just got easy!  

Step 1 Go to a merchants site, like nordstrom.com

Step 2 Find a product you want to promote and copy the link

Step 3 Paste the link into our new tool and start making MONEY

It’s that easy! 

We are doing this to ensure you have access to more products to share with your followers. 

We are also happy to announce!

You can promote brands and let your users pick the products they want.

With our new tool, you can also promote brands like dkny.com and earn a commission on every sale. No more looking for the right product, when your users can pick what works for them.

What brands and how does it work?

First, you will need to login to your account to go to our Link Building Tool.

You will see a list of supported merchants on the right-hand side, called “Quick Links” You are able to pick from the growing list of merchants, and if you do not see your favorite merchant. Please comment on this post and let us know what others you would like to see added.

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Influence.co Team

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